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There’s only one right way to do a great website.

At Javapixel, we build your site from the ground up; that means we design your site with SEO built-in, along with intelligent coding, a clear sitemap, and a linking structure. There are many ways we can build such a site. We can custom-design a site from scratch in Photoshop or Illustrator, and then convert that design into code. Another option is that we can alter an existing Content Management System (CMS) template or theme of your choice, which is generally a more economical approach but still produces a great-looking site. We know many, but primarily use two CMS systems: WordPress and Joomla–both offer you control, site ownership, and ease of use.

WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world. Originally known for its blogging capabilities, WordPress has turned into a fully-fledged Content Management Powerhouse. The beauty of WordPress is that it is open-source, so millions of people use it, modify it, enhance it and secure it. It is constantly evolving. This can be good or bad, as websites can get outdated quickly, but we stay on top and current with Web design, ideas, and technology. With WordPress, you will be able to manage most of your content yourself, if you desire, and blog on your site with ease. You will have access to a database of more than 16,000 extensions to personalize and enhance your site. In addition to these benefits, WordPress also has a great site structure with some great SEO plug-ins to facilitate those strategies. In our offices, we are constantly recommending this CMS.

Joomla is another CMS that we work with quite a lot. We typically recommend Joomla to customers looking for a site that is more complex. It has an amazing database of over 5,000 components and plug-ins that can extend your websites in ways that WordPress can’t touch. For the major extensions like Social Communities and Forums, Joomla has some of the best components available. Another area in which Joomla excels is eCommerce. It has a solid base of components that were around long before worthy eCommerce extensions were found in other CMS, so it has had time to mature and work out a lot of the bugs you may find in the younger content management systems.

There are other systems available, and we will work with most of them, but WordPress and Joomla are typically the best fit for 90% of our clients wanting a content management system, and we can ensure an excellent SEO implementation with both of these systems.

Web Design Rochester NY

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