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The Power of a Balanced Web Personality!

Do you have an unbalanced Personality!?!?! In all seriousness, when it comes to how they portray themselves to the public, enterprises engaged in Website design in Rochester NY can struggle to find a balanced personality. The pendulum can be stuck at either “not good enough” to “WE ARE THE GREATEST!” In both daily life as individuals, and in the world of website design, both of these extremes of self-esteem can be the breeding ground for failure. The way in which an enterprise presents itself to the public has a huge impact. Avoid being invisible or obnoxious!

At the one extreme, a surprising percentage of enterprises utilizing Website design in Rochester NY overemphasize themselves, they try to shine brightly under the spotlights on their websites – when the primary focus should be how well they can meet the needs of their target audience! This “See how amazing we are” approach can be encountered more frequently in certain fields. Sometimes real estate and law make this error, but others can fall into this trap as well.

On the other extreme are businesses that lack a warmth of personality, where the prospective customer is given little to no insight into the actual human beings pulsing behind the brand. The bio pages of such websites are usually boring, having very little personality or life. The About Us pages might read like a political science lecture that instantly puts people to sleep. Simply a dry outline of dates and achievements. Yawn! Insufficient human interest vignettes which could illuminate the staff’s personalities. Always remember that people want to do business with people whom they like, and to whom they are attracted on some level!

So if your Website Design in Rochester NY is lacking a balanced personality, find the golden mean. And if necessary, infuse vibrancy, human interest, and maybe even some humor into those bio and About Us pages! Artfully weave a compelling story of the real humans behind the enterprise, and the genuine attitude of service that you bring to your customer’s needs!

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