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SEO Rochester New York to Bend Oregon

JavaPixelSEO is a unique Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing company with offices in Rochester, New York and Bend, Oregon. There are a lot of SEO firms out there to choose from but JavaPixelSEO strives to be different in some very important ways:

  • JavaPixel SEO’s strategies are based on what the Search Engines wantWe insist on creating your SEO strategy with solid, Search Engine-accepted “White Hat” practices. What Google, Bing and Yahoo want is high-quality content and relevant links. Their SearchEngine algorithms change virtually every day to bring their billions of searchers as close as possible to what they are looking for. So the crux of our SEO strategy is based on compelling content and relevant links, along with solid application of technical SEO tactics proven over time.
  • JavaPixel SEO’s content is written to be read. Believe it or not, most SEO written content such as articles and blogs is of average quality, mainly intended to move you up the ranks. However, it’s not typically very engaging or personalized—that is, it’s not really written to be read. JavaPixel SEO offers Premium Content upgrades that allow you to have highly-readable, interesting and educational content that will not only  increase your rankings, but keep your visitors on the page.
  • We create relationships, not just SEO packages.Most SEO firms sell you a plan and then disappear. JavaPixelSEO believes that we get the best results for you when we get to know your business and stay in frequent communication with you. We make ourselves personally available to answer your questions, talk about ideas you have, and even sit down for a cup of coffee to look at family pictures.
  • We keep you “in the know.” JavaPixel SEO provides you with a customized dashboard you can check anytime, frequent reports, and open access to our staff anytime you have questions.

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