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Semantic SEO and the 4 V’s | SEO Rochester, NY

When developing or upgrading your SEO Rochester NY, it is helpful to more carefully examine your strategy within the 3 main digital media types, and how effectively these are incorporating  the more recently developed key semantic search principles.

Currently, content marketing can utilize a mixture of media types to find a synergistic balance. There is the media which is controlled by you, you are the owner/creator, and this can include your website wtih all its various types of  content, etc. By contrast there is paid media, which used to be oriented around PPC campaigns on Google or local websites. This arena now includes such venues as native advertising, like promoted tweets on Twitter, featured YouTube videos, and so forth. Finally, of increasing importance is publicity earned through “word of mouth,” especially via social media. This includes “likes,” re-tweets, and posted links. These provide Google with an insight as to the importance of your content, and can have an important impact on search results.

As you continually work on your owned, paid, and earned media strategies, it is very helpful to also further analyze how the four Vs of semantic search are playing out in each of your media types. This V paradigm is from David Amerland, outlined in his book, Google Semantic Search. He posits that Variety, Velocity, Veracity and Volume are all very important for examining your content strategy, and how you promote your content:.via your SEO Rochester NY.

Variety is one indicator to Google that you are earnest about what kind of quality content you are creating for your viewers. Therefore utilizing a varied combination of blogs, videos, social media posts, eBooks, white papers and other instruments gives you an edge.

Velocity is in regards to the frequency and timeliness by which you move your content. The speedier you get information to Google, the quicker it can index your content and help provide it to your viewers.

Veracity is how your content is perceived as to its relevancy and trustworthiness, and     as to why Google should present your content to searchers. As you create solid, intelligent, well-reasoned content you help your cause in this area — the search engines will pick up on the value of the material.

Volume is also important for gaining momentum in all three media types. The overall amount of content that you’re presenting to your prospective clients helps Google to comprehend more about your enterprise. For instance, only rarely having content published doesn’t speak much for your relevancy.

Taking a deeper strategic look at how each of the four V’s are incorporated into your owned, paid, and earned content strategy within your SEO Rochester, NY is important for gaining traction in a semantic search world. And we are here to help with cutting-edge SEO Rochester NY assistance!

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