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Responsive Search Engine Marketing

Increasingly, as the world grows ever more digital, Search Engine Marketing is simply becoming known as “Marketing.”

In today’s marketplace, the consumer drives the brand; in other words, your brand is less what YOU think it is and how you position it, and more what THEY think and say it is. Through planning, strategic and creative execution, JavapixelSEO closes the gap between who you are and how the public perceives you. This involves informing you with analytics and good old fashioned intuition about what your key demographics are thinking and saying about you, as well as helping you translate your brand into words and images that will resonate with them.

This, we believe, is the heart and core of Search Engine Marketing–the rest is “just details.” Our process is pretty simple and can be distilled down to three broad actions:

1. Listen: First we listen to you so we can understand your brand, company culture, goals and key messages. Then we listen to your current and future customers. We call this “input,” and it allows us to choose the media and messages that will bring you the best connections with your target market. We employ several “listening devices”:

  • Our ears: Still one of the best, and it’s built-in technology.
  • Our eyes: Yes, body language speaks volumes.
  • Analytics: For quantitative information, numbers show trends we need to pay attention and adjust to.
  • Social Media: Social media is our digital ear to the ground, providing great qualitative information. We can find out a lot just from what people are seeing, sharing and following.
  • SEO: Of course, SEO is intrinsic to Search Engine Marketing; we’ve got a lot of tools and tricks to help us understand your intended prospects. JavapixelSEO understands that to keep your keywords and content relative, we have to pay attention to what people are talking about online.

2. Respond: Implementing your Search Engine Marketing in a vacuum will produce results that–well–suck. We build SEM strategies on a solid foundation of quantitative and qualitative research to increase your returns. Javapixel works closely with our strategic partner, Intrepid Marketing, to build and implement creative, multimedia-integrated campaigns that tie together all of your marketing with a consistent voice that builds your branding and your bottom line.

3. Repeat: Your marketing needs to be dynamic, fresh and creative, and responsive to the ever-shifting modern marketing environment. It needs to be implemented with the guidance of professionals who understand the psychology of selling.

JavapixelSEO creates holistic SEM campaigns, according to ongoing “listen-respond-repeat” that take up residence in your visitors’ minds and become unforgettable.

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