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High-quality Content: The Competitive Edge

With a black belt in grammar, an actual English degree, and fingers that set the keyboard on fire, our Senior Copywriter Kelly Walker is a content marketing master. Javapixel SEO of Rochester, NY and our sister company, Intrepid Marketing of Bend, OR, churn out written content that will increase your search engine ratings and engage your readers.

Frequent, high-quality content is the cornerstone of a powerful and sustainable SEO strategy. Keyword stuffing, link farming and content that’s written like an eight grader trying to waffle through an essay test just aren’t going to cut it–yet that’s how many “SEO firms” operate! Javapixel SEO produces offers Premium Content Upgrades for all of our website and SEO packages:

Good: All of our SEO packages include a specified amount of good content written by our team of copywriters, mainly directed at boosting your SEO ratings.

Better: You can upgrade and have our Senior Copywriter work with you directly to produce targeted, high-quality content that will draw your visitors in.

Best: The best of all worlds is to have Kelly custom-write your website content and produce frequent blogs, articles and other content. Your competition simply won’t be able to keep up!

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Our Senior Copywriter, poised to lob word grenades at your unsuspecting competitors

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