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How to Create a Blog | SEO Rochester NY

Are you considering starting a blog for your company? You must know, then, that it can be a very effective tool to help win customers and their ongoing loyalty. Good content on a blog can also win over the search engines on your behalf.

Begin by writing out a solid foundational strategy that answers the following questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What do they want and need to know about your product?
  • Why are you blogging? To generate leads and increase sales, improve brand awareness, or to inform your audience of current and upcoming industry trends?

And finally, be sure to ask the most important question: What sets our company apart from others in the industry? What gives us the edge we need to compete strongly in our market? If you have a well-developed business plan, you probably already have these questions nailed, just be sure to keep the answers in mind as you create your blog strategy. It’s all about a cohesive plan and message, and your audience will notice if you’ve done it right.

What content will you be posting? Think far and wide within your niche. If you’re a personal trainer, you can branch into nutrition and recipes, or create videos of exercises that help joint pain or injury. Fitness is not just exercise; it is a whole life plan for wellness. Think of you blog that way, as well. There are many ways to tie in useful information into a blog to make it useful to your audience.

Who will be creating and posting your content? Will there be more than one writer? Be sure to create a carefully thought out editorial policy for each of them to follow so that there is consistency in each post and in the bigger picture. It is also a good idea to build collaborative community within your blog by inviting guests to write content. Your audience will appreciate your magnanimity in the greater business community, as well as offering them even more valuable information relating to your industry.

Your blog can be a fantastic tool to establish your brand and company as an authority in your industry. Blogging with creative and informative content will also help your efforts toward quality results on the search engines. Contact us for more information about SEO in Rochester, NY. Our strategic and effective SEO plans can help put you on page one.

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