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It’s a jungle out there! It seems like everywhere you turn, an “SEO expert” or “Search Engine Optimization” company is popping up out of the bushes, gabbing out technical jargon like caffeine-addicted  monkeys. Javapixel serves up solid Content Driven SEO and Industrial Marketing. We say, enough chatter. Let’s get down to the crux of the matter: Why would you choose JavaPixel’s Digital Marketing services when there are so many providers to choose from? Is there really a difference? The most important thing to understand is that not all Search marketing programs are created equally.

Where other firms focus on form, JavaPixel produces substance—and the
Search Engines know the difference!

Many other firms optimize your website for the Search Engines by utilizing cheap tricks that Google is increasingly penalizing sites for implementing. JavaPixel looks at our services more as “Precise Content Optimization.” The difference is that we focus on producing solid, meaningful content paired with highly-relevant links, all backed up by industry-favored technical

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JavaPixel’s content optimization strategies give you sustainable results that will keep you on or consistently moving toward page #1.

Since Google implemented Pigeon, Pirate, Hummingbird, Panda, BrainRank etc… algorithm updates, the fly-by-night SEO tricks like keyword stuffing and link farming can have serious negative consequences for your website and your business—unfortunately, a shocking number of marketing companies are still using these techniques. We won’t just sell you a blind, turnkey SEO “system”; our team will personalize your service with tools and content you can use. We will provide digital consulting that will include the latest strategies and then closely monitor your results —your competition will have a very difficult time keeping up!

JavaPixel SEO offers several different to fit the individual needs of your business. We customize each to your business, paying close attention to your target audience and unique selling proposition. We also offer Premium Content upgrades that other providers simply cannot match. We have both an East Coast and a West Coast Office to serve you better, so for digital Marketing in Rochester NY and the surrounding areas,  it’s crucial that you choose your provider carefully to ensure the results are positive for your business. Sign up with us as your industrial marketing team, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your Digital Marketing is being done right.

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